Women Need Each Other


Women need each other. We have a special kinship, a unique understanding, a tender concern for what each other goes through in this life. The nurturing quality that God so beautifully placed inside of us seems enhanced when another is hurting.  We want to be there for each other.  When we are with a dear friend, our problems don’t seem quite so tough, our pain quite so intense.

Cherish the friend with whom you can cry, laugh and be yourself.

Thank the friend you can call any time of the day or night.

Bless the one who never tells you what to do, but listens instead with a heart of love, helping you to think through the difficult choices you need to make.

Honor the friend with whom you are safe. You know she will never betray your confidence.

And then…pray for the friend around whom it is hard to be yourself.

Pray for the friend you know will get upset if you call her any time day or night.

Pray for the one who has never learned to listen to you, but wants to always tell you what you should do.

Pray for the friend who has betrayed you.

Ask God to forgive the one who has hurt you, made you cry, lied to you or about you, shunned you, broken your heart, dropped you as a friend, or crucified you with mean actions.  You might want to use words similar to what Stephen and Jesus said. “Forgive her. I think she probably did know what she was doing. But, forgive her anyway.”


B. J. Funk

B. J. Funk

Rev. B.J. Funk has been writing for Good News since 2009. Her bi-monthly article appears on the last page of the magazine. And as you know, the best is always saved for last.BJ devotionals are full of wisdom and encouragement.
B. J. Funk

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