What Good Comes From Praying?

bristol-cover-love-to-praySeveral years ago, the church I attend did a 6-week study on prayer based on the book, Love to Pray, by Alvin VanderGriend. Lately a friend unwittingly reminded me of some important prayer concepts in that book.

I feel I have been led to help revive a prayer ministry in my church. I’ll admit to arguing with the Lord about this. “But if I do this, I will encounter more spiritual battle. Frankly, I don’t want the aggravation,” I muttered. I was rebuked by this passage from the book:

“Prayer is the means by which God accomplishes His purposes and defeats Satan. Through prayer we are involved with God in a grand enterprise. And the going is not always easy (p.30).”

Anything worth doing in life will have challenges. If we are willing to sacrifice for lesser endeavors (losing weight, saving for a new car, taking college classes) should we not be willing to face the challenges of bringing our concerns and those of others before God?

I was also convicted of the following:

“Though He is almighty, all-wise and fully able to work without us, God chooses to work through our prayers. He calls us into a working partnership. We co-labor with Him to accomplish His purposes. Things happen when we pray that won’t happen if we don’t pray (p.16).”

Ouch! While it is impossible to pray for every need in the world, we can pray for those things God brings to our minds and the burdens He places upon our hearts. When distressed by television news, have you ever thought to offer sentence prayers for the situations and persons locally and around the world?

Finally, I meet with an ecumenical prayer group Thursday mornings at 7 am. We pray for the needs of our community, the nation and the world. I’m a novice. These women have been praying for 30 years. The following quote provided encouragement for us to not grow weary:

“When believers in neighborhoods and workplaces lift up praying hands over those around them, the powers of darkness are pushed back (p.17).”

Amen, and thank you, Dr. VanderGriend!


Sara Anderson
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Sara Anderson

Sara Anderson

Sara substitutes for Sunday school teachers and helps direct the prayer ministry. She grew up in a small Methodist Church and serves on the boards of The Institute on Religion and Democracy and Good News.
Sara Anderson

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