Welcome to the New Renew Website!

By Katy Kiser, Team Leader of the Renew Network

We continue to be a network of women and women’s groups in the United Methodist Church that are faithfully seeking to grow in the knowledge of Jesus as we seek and serve Him.  Renew began as the women’s ministry arm of Good News and is glad to be again a part of their vital ministry to the United Methodist Church.

It is a great time for women’s ministry in the United Methodist Church.  It is also a momentous time as the church faces many challenges both from within and without.  For decades, Renew has offered the women of the church spiritual support and understanding of the challenges that face the church particularly in the area of women’s ministry.

On this site and our Facebook page you will find many resources to help you and your women’s group.  I serve as Team Leader of an amazing group of Wesleyan women – some with whom you may already be familiar.  Learn more about our team and contributors under the “ABOUT US” tab at the top of our Home page.  Under the “SHARING” tab, you will find help for starting or expanding a women’s ministry in your church.

We are excited that there are many clergy and lay women who are providing Bible studies from a Wesleyan perspective.  As Rob Renfroe says, when Methodist do it right, no one does it better.  Be sure to check out the Bible Studies and devotionals under the “SEEKING” tab.  There you will find “Lessons from Cornwall,” a six part study by Lindy Thomas which probes the Christian journey in the context of her trip to the coast of Cornwall England. It will deepen your understanding of the process we believers go through as we grow in Christ and become sanctified.  You will also find a study by Kris Key titled, “Will the Real Jesus Please Stand Up.”  Who among us does not need to know Jesus in all his fullness?

Also under the “SEEKING” tab you will find some thought provoking devotionals.  The wisdom of clergy woman, BJ Funk is just right for starting your daily time with the Lord; or beginning your women’s meetings.  Mary Lambrecht, offers insight on building healthy families, spiritual growth and healing from trauma and loss.  In addition to her blog posts, Sara Anderson will be offering book suggestions from time to time.  We are very excited about the women in the United Methodist Church who are writing from a Wesleyan perspective.

In the “SERVING” section of the website you will find examples of women and women’s groups who are reaching out to their own communities and to the world with the love of Christ.  These inspirational stories are meant to help you and your women’s group find the projects that will motivate Christian service rooted in the Great Commission and the mission of the church to make disciples of Christ.

A hearty thanks to all who have made this ministry possible through your prayers and gifts.  Your continued support is vital to our work in the mission of Good News to lead United Methodists to a faithful future.