The Peace Lily’s Reminder

Do you have a Peace Lily in your home? This beautiful green plant seems to have only two requirements: proper lighting and water. I have three in my home now, one on my kitchen and dining room table and a larger one by a window in my living room. They ask so little of me that I almost neglect them until I realize their leaves are beginning to wilt. A good, full drink of water always seems to take care of that. My Peace Lilies keep a surprise from me, and I am always taken back when I pass one of my plants and see a long-stemmed white teardrop flower. That’s when I think to myself, “Well, where did you come from and how come I hadn’t noticed you before?”

The reason I hadn’t noticed it is because it’s the Peace Lily’s prerogative to bring out its white surprise whenever it desires. I like to think that the little white flower has its reasons, that on that particular day the Peace Lily wants to remind me of the peace we need in our nation, in our communities, in our churches and in our homes. I also like to think that perhaps the teardrop shape has a purpose, too.

Sometimes, peace comes through tears. We might have to change something, leave someone, take someone in, face our giants of intimidation, or repent and cleanse inner grief or sin before the tears can stop and new life begins.

Take a lesson from the Peace Lily. Your life does not have to continue in bitterness, unforgiveness, turmoil and stress. Don’t give up. Bloom a white flower in your life as you shed tears that will eventually bring you peace.

B. J. Funk

B. J. Funk

Rev. B.J. Funk has been writing for Good News since 2009. Her bi-monthly article appears on the last page of the magazine. And as you know, the best is always saved for last.BJ devotionals are full of wisdom and encouragement.
B. J. Funk

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