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Team Leader

Katy Kiser has been working in the renewal movement of the United Methodist Church since the 1990’s. She has been writing for Renew for over ten years. Katy leads the Renew Team. These lay and clergy leaders are women best described as Wesleyan, evangelical, and committed to sharing the transforming power of the gospel of Christ.

Katy was brought up in the Methodist Church, and like so many young people, her faith was severely challenged during her college years. She came to understand that the church had some how assumed she would “catch” what it meant to be a Christian. She shares, “I knew I was a believer, but I could not articulate or defend my faith. I was familiar with a good deal of Christ’s teaching, but I was lacking an understanding of its deep theological implications. I set out to address my biblical and theological ignorance.”

Her journey would eventually lead her to Tyler Street United Methodist Church in Dallas Texas. She writes, “It was the first church my husband Larry and I joined. It was at Tyler Street that we received the preaching, teaching, and Bible study that allowed us to grow and develop not only an understanding, but also a relationship with the Lord. It was the unofficial women’s ministry, committed to the study of God’s word, that did so much for my spiritual formation.”

In addition to leading the Renew Team, Katy is a lay member of the North Texas Annual Conference where she has served in various positions. She teaches in her local church and serves on several committees. She served for seven years on the Good News board of directors. Along with writing for Renew, Katy is a freelance writer, and co-author with Faye Short of Reclaiming the Wesleyan Social Witness – Offering Christ.

Katy is married to Larry Kiser. They have two daughters. Most of all she enjoys being “YooHoo” to her three grandchildren.

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