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A Call to Prayer-Reflecting on Daniel 1-6

A Call to Prayer – Reflecting on Daniel 1 – 6 When Daniel was a young man, the southern kingdom of Judah was taken captive by Babylon in the first year of King Nebuchadnezzar’s reign. Daniel and his friends were taken from Jerusalem and brought to Babylon. Nebuchadnezzar had cleverly chosen the brightest and the best of the nations he had conquered, so that those nations would have no leaders to start a revolt against him. The king tried to change the identities of Daniel and his friends by giving them new Babylonian names based on false gods and by […]

Mirrors III – Reflecting on God’s Glory: Spiritual Maturity

Mirrors III – Reflecting God’s Glory: Spiritual Maturity   Introduction To have a truly new heart is a wondrous thing. We cannot thank God enough for this miraculous change within us.   It is a change that ONLY God can make within us. No amount of striving on our part can bring about the change that God promises to make in us when we surrender ourselves to Jesus. In lesson II, we looked at Isaiah 43 and God’s statement that He made us for His glory. We saw how Jesus’ death and resurrection gave to us who trust Him a place […]

Mirrors II – Broken Mirrors

Mirrors #2 – Broken Mirrors by Jeannine Fogwell Seeing In the Mirror C.S. Lewis, in his book Mere Christianity, writes that when God is given lordship over our lives, He does indeed direct what happens. We think He plans to make us into a charming little cottage, maybe a little paint here, a hedge there, and a few flowers to make us look cheerful. But as we live our lives, we begin to feel major discomfort! What is happening to us? Let’s look at Lewis’s words: Imagine yourself as a living house. God comes in to rebuild that house. At first, […]

Mirrors I

Mirrors I Speak That Which We Know: If You Look For Me, You Will Find Me by Jeannine Fogwell Mirrors have become an important part of decorating our homes in the last few years. Where once mirrors lived solely on medicine chests in the bathroom, suspended over chests in the bedroom, or hung above fireplaces, they are now showing up all over the house as decorative pieces, just as a painting or picture.   As far as I can tell, there is no place where mirrors are outlawed by the interior design authorities, although they rarely appear in garages. Mirrors can […]