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A Response to the Rebranding of United Methodist Women to United Women in Faith

Note: The rebranding of “United Methodist Women” to “United Women in Faith” was revealed on March 3, 2022, but was overshadowed by the announcement that General Conference would be delayed until 2024. A subsequent interview via Zoom took place on March 17 by Jim Paterson, UM News, with Harriett Jane Olson, chief executive officer for United Methodist Women, and Sally Vonner, transformation officer of United Women in Faith. A recent press release by UM News announced, “Women’s agency hits refresh, expands welcome.” The article referenced the rebranding of “United Methodist Women” to “United Women in Faith.” UMW’s chief executive officer, […]

The Bible and Human Sexuality

Introduction by Katy Kiser Several months  ago, I wrote about my experience at Mission U where the United Methodist Women’s spiritual life study, The Bible and Human Sexuality was taught. I remarked that the study was designed to help the church accept not only the practice of homosexuality, but also a sexual ethic that would eliminate any scriptural boundaries on sexual practice other than consent and safety. This concerned me greatly because not only is this new sexual ethic unbiblical, it is particularly harmful to women and children, works counterproductively to ending sex trafficking, and encourages prostitution and pornography. Even […]