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Message from Katy

All the Annual Conferences in the US have completed electing  delegates to 2020 Conferences. The good news is that those who keep up with the numbers tell us that the Traditional Plan, which is now church law, and its reforms still have the votes to prevail. Nevertheless the backlash and rancor in the Annual Conference was fierce. Centrists/Progressives increased their delegate count from that of 2019; some of the ACs passed resolutions vowing to move forward as if the One Church Plan had passed; and self avowed homosexuals were ordained in some conferences.

We should not get discouraged. Keith Boyette, the president of the WCA recently looked to the letters to the seven churches in Revelation to glean some important lessons for conservative traditionalists to consider. He reminds us, this is not a time to become discouraged, but a time to persevere. He admonishes us to awaken from lukewarmness by: Receiving God’s Word; Recovering sound doctrine; Rejecting false teaching; Rekindling our first love; Reclaiming personal and social holiness; and Refusing to grow weary. In short, it is a time for us to be faithful to that we know to be true.

Women in the Renew Network are doing just that. They are making plans for their ministries which will get into full swing this Fall. In some Annual Conferences, faithful traditional United Methodist Churches are banning together to  encourage and resourcing one another. This is important.

As we wait for all divisions in the UMC to accept the inevitable separation that is to come, this is a time to pray, stand firm and continue being the church God has called us to be.

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